Free Magento Plug in to automate reviews

For all Magento webshops (1.4,1.5,1.6, 1.7 and 1.8 version) Kiyoh has built a plug-in to collect reviews automatically. Just follow the installation steps and the plug-in is set. From that moment on, a review invitation is send to your customer, after he has made ​​an order or if the purchase was send (shipping). The timeframe, after which an invitation has to be send, is adjustable. You are responsible for the installation of this plug-in.

Download Plugin on Magento Connect:

NOTE PEAR error: if you can not download the plug-in a PEAR error might be the cause. You will need to upgrade your downloader. This is a requirement of Magento Connect. To upgrade your downloader please see: 

It is also possible to email the plug-in to you. Please contact us at

The Magento 2.0 and 2.1 plugin can be found at the following URL:

Service installation or problems with installation? Please contact our Magento Partner. Then we can install the plug-in or investigate the problem. Problems can have several causes and are not directly traceable. I.e. an incorrect installation or extensions that may conflict with eachother are problems that can occur. The costs of the Installation Service is € 95,- excl. VAT. Send an e-mail to and they will contact you. 

Start today with KiyOh

Of course we can promote our product. But it is better that you try it yourself, just like the 8.000 webshops who already did. Your first reviews will appear easy and fast!

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See casestudie: 20% more sales with customer reviews

NEW: KiyOh is an official Google Partner. All KiyOh reviews will be shown in Google Shopping and in your Google Adwords campaigns. And with the Facebook integration you will stretch the reach of people who can see your reviews.
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