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Customer reviews help the customer and can no longer be ingored on the Internet. Several studies have already confirmed this. Consumers today want to do business with companies that are transparent. Customer reviews give this information and build trust to shop online. But ofcourse the reviews  must be collected independently. Kiyoh Ratings and Reviews is this independent third party. The guestbook with comments from friends is now history. Consumers nowadays know that the owner can manipulate this, which makes the reviews very incredible.
Collect, publish and share customer reviews
  • Best price: For the best price in the market you get a professional tool to collect, publish and share reviews in social media. Kiyoh offers its tool 8 to 10 times cheaper than other providers in the market. And offers the same service. 
  • Official Google Partner: your reviews will eapear in Google to get the seller ratings in Googl Adwords and reviews in Google Shopping.
  • Collect automatically reviews: Kiyoh has developed a tool that allows you to collect, publish and share customer reviews in social media. You can even automate everything. An invite to review your company will be send automatically after an order in your shop. Now that's convenient! All reviews collected are shown in Google Shopping and Google Adwords campaigns (Yellow stars).
  • Proactive: With Kiyoh there is no need to wait until your company will be reviewed. With the Kiyoh tool you can proactively request a review from your customers. It works much better and you have a professional after-sales tool.
  • Real customer feedback: Kiyoh monitors the feedback and ensures that only your customers can place a review. A competitor who is a joking or people who are not your customers, are therefore excluded.
  • Kiyoh has build in a Review Alarm for every new review you receive (bad or good review). Thus, you have the chance to resolve complaints before they are published or they are scattered on all internet forums.
  • Useful features: The tool has many useful features.  You can comment on a review to show how you act as a company. You will get a Widget that shows your customer satisfaction on your webshop. This is adjustable in your design (colors)style, so it fits in your webshop design. And by collecting many reviews your company will be easier to find in Google. With our multi login you can easily manage multiple accounts (online shops). Your customers can also review in German, French or Dutch. As more and more e-mail is read on smartphones, customers can also review via smartphones! And with the Facebook integration a lot more people see your reviews. You increase your reach!

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NEW: KiyOh is an official Google Partner. All KiyOh reviews will be shown in Google Shopping and in your Google Adwords campaigns. And with the Facebook integration you will stretch the reach of people who can see your reviews.
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