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Over CADAC | Dometic

CADAC | Since 1948 Trusted by campers and BBQ enthusiasts for generations, the CADAC name is widely regarded as the ultimate modular gas BBQ brand. Since its formation in 1948 in Johannesburg (South Africa), CADAC has been at the forefront of product quality and innovation, offering a wide range of outdoor cooking and heating products that have won international awards over the years. The origins of the word ‘braai’ is Afrikaans for ‘barbecue’ or ‘grill’. It is more than just an expression of the way of cooking. It is a way of life. Come over for a braai, let’s have a braai, lekker-braai…there is always a reason to braai and everyone is welcome. There’s nothing like that BBQ aroma that makes its way around the campsite at dinner time. With our Modular Cooking Surfaces, we offer unparalleled versatility. From grilling and roasting to baking and paella-pan cooking, we break the boundaries of conventional outdoor cooking. So welcome to the world of CADAC. Come and Live The Braai Life with us and explore our range. CADAC & DOMETIC Since 2022 CADAC is part of the Dometic group. Dometic is a global market leader in the mobile living industry with a long history of creating products for outdoor, home and professional use. Together with Dometic we are able to offer our consumers a complete outdoor solution where high quality remains key.

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