The laptop exceed my expectations ,i was expecting a higher temperature

I have nothing bad to say about the company. All was as expected. The large choices of parts is great. All top of the choice at this moment in my opinion.

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Response from the business owner

Dear Daniel, Thanks a lot for leaving your review! Kind regards, Wessel - NovaCustom


somewhat satisfactory

First off the points I like, The customer service is of a high quality and there are alot of good customization options for the laptop. I also like the fact that its possible to have a jet black matt laptop without any markings whatsoever. What I don't like is the fact that the battery is built in and also does not last a whole lot of time on a full charge (2 hours internet browsing) I am also not happy with the bios for two main reasons, You cannot disable the built in battery and there is no easy way to set your own custom boot logo, and given that I am also dissatisfied that the company charges extra for a custom logo. Also I am very hesitant to say yes to recommending the company, but it is based on the benefit of doubt and would also rely on the company taking not of my feedback and making an effort to improve its products.

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Response from the business owner

Dear mister Letterkenny, Many thanks for your feedback! Unfortunate that you only rated a 5 out of 10 :-( . As described in the invitation e-mail for writing a review and unlike you described (last sentence), we are always working on customer satisfaction and product improvements. The battery of your laptop (NP50D Series) is integrated, yes, as described at the specifications tab of the product page. It is correct that the charging cannot be fully disabled, but it can be adjusted with the FlexiCharger option under advanced options. I see you have installed the operating system yourself, so about the battery time, please check if you have installed the latest both Intel and Nvidia graphics drivers. Also, please check if you have installed the ControlCenter tool, to control the profile (default is high performance, which is more energy consuming than Quiet or Power Saving, for example). Also, please note that the battery time depends on the usage, screen brightness and that the estimated battery time that is left is not always accurate. I think it is very legitimate to charge an additional cost for your own BIOS logo. The BIOS has to be recompiled and the whole process takes almost one hour. No - there is no easy (other) way to implement your own logo, as the firmware has to be modified. Best regards from the Netherlands, Wessel - NovaCustom

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