SEOshop manual

Installing the app
1. Install the KiyOh app from the app store located in SEOshop. The app is available in the backend of your SEOshop webshop ( In the backend click

on App Store and go to the Apps tab. Follow the steps needed to install the app.

2. Once the installation is done you will be redirected to a login page of the KiyOh platform. Login with your KiyOh credentials



3. After you logged in you will be redirected to a configuration screen where you can configure settings for your shop. On this page you will also find an explanation of the available options. You have two options: after order and after shipment. You can send the invite after an order is made in your webshop or after an order is shipped. The days to wait refer to the number of days the invite will be send after an order or shipment.  





Configuring the app after installing


1. Log in at KiyOh


2. Click on Settings and scroll to Connections

3. Click the Settings button located under SEOshop and a popup will open with the settings for your shop.



4. Change the settings and press Save once you are done.



Test if the SEOshop KiyOh app works


1. Login to your KiyOh account and go to invite.
2. Look below the page at history. Here you will find all invites that have been send or will be send. When the SEOshop  app is correctly installed, you will find the invite in this overview (email, date the invite is planned to send). When this does not happen, please contact us:




Publish reviews in your shop with the custom Widget (score)

To build trust in your shop, it is important to show all your reviews with you average score. This is possible with the KiyOh Widget. Visitors directly see how satisfied your customers are. With one click they can read all reviews from your company.

1.  Login on your Kiyoh account. Go to publish.
2. Here you are able to change the widget in height and length. Now copy-paste the html-code en place this in your SEOshop. You need to have a html-editor in your SEOshop plan, otherwise this will not be possible. Please contact us for help.


Set other functionalities


KiyOh has a lot of handy functionalities which are able to customize. Login to your KiyOh account and go to setting:


• Customize email invite. You can change the text and upload your company logo. The invit will be send from your email address and company, so customers will recognize your company. It is important to upload you logo for a faster recognition which will increase more more customers to review your company.
• Voucher: integrate a discount code for customers who review your company. Customize the text in the final screen. This screen pops up when your customer has send the review. For example, you can place a discount code for the next purchase. Or you can place a link to your Facebook page. Anything is possible. Just be creative.
• You are able to customize the colours in the widget.
• Productreviews: it could be possible to collect productreviews. Please contact us about for more information.


Personal Review Advisor:

KiyOh has review advisors. They will try to contact you to show you how our system works and provide you with all tips to collect and publish reviews. Of course you can contact us for any question.



·         0031-13-7009 708: ma-vr during office hours




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